Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Break Library Gifts

We usually try to do a new order of fiction books before Winter Break, the better to promote recreational reading over the two weeks that the students (and teachers) have off from school.  This year was no exception, but, on a whim, we decided to do things a bit differently...

As Lizz and I were going through our new book order, pulling books out of the box and oohing and aahing over them, we found ourselves saying things like, "You know who would love this book?  So-and-so!" or "We should make sure so-and-so gets this book, because I know she really loved the prequel."

Our December fiction book order.
And so was born the idea to surprise students with a new book, already checked out and ready to go, to take home over Winter Break.

Then we realized we had a bunch of wrapping paper left over from an annual school-wide holiday giving project that we do, and we decided it would be much more fun to present students with a wrapped book, very much in the spirit of the holidays, and way more fun.

We emailed students (and a few teachers) to inform then that there was a surprise Winter Break gift waiting for them in the library, and stacked our wrapped books high so that others would inquire and ask for their own specially-selected Winter Break book.  Many students did so, and the kids who we emailed more often than not received their books with squeals of excitement and gratitude which, of course, made it all the more fun and rewarding.

Because everyone likes a surprise gift every now and then.  Happy holidays!

Books selected for specific students and teacher, all wrapped in pretty paper.